Interiors We Love

When the March, 2016 issue of DWELL Magazine arrived at our home, we were drawn to the Editor’s column titled “Interiors We Love”.  She starts her column this way:

“Interior design is not about arranging furniture.  Interior design is about manifesting comfort and pleasure in an environment sheltered from the world at large.  It’s about summoning the power of the senses to communicate feelings of safety and ease.  Interior design is about creating spaces in which on can live on one’s own terms.”- Amanda Dameron, Editor-in-Chief, Dwell Magazine, March 2016

This struck us as very near how David Salmela would describe his philosophy of designing interiors.  We asked him to respond with a statement specific to Kiviranta.  This is what he wrote:

“The goal of Kiviranta is to provide each of the 8 homes with the warmth of light, materials, and to place the everyday settings for preparing food, dining and relaxing in front of a fire in a way that has the visual connection to the lake and the forest while not viewing neighboring homes.  It is all connected in a functional, efficient logic.

The materials are classic stone floors, local basswood narrow-paneled ceilings with walls and casework blending elegantly into each other.

The basswood lined stairwells rise into the skylight openness and the rooms are furnished with mid-century vintage, classic Scandinavian furniture.  All elements are detailed to be fresh, familiar and timely modern for this beautiful North Shore setting.” -David Salmela, Salmela Architect, February 2016

Progress on Kiviranta is tangible:  the plans have been refined;  bids from trade contractors are being solicited; we anticipate start of construction in March.  We are eager to see the plans become reality.  In the end, when all the homes are occupied, we hope we will all agree with Susan Dusek.  Susan is one of the Edina Realty professionals helping us sell these homes.  She currently lives in a Salmela-designed home.  She paid David and his design process the ultimate compliment when she told us “it is impossible to be unhappy in my home!

Will you join us at Kiviranta?


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